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Why is Anvalor?

We believe that modern technology can be combined with environmentally conscious kitchen solutions, so it is Industrial kitchens Designed to meet the needs of the age. Our products not only provide quality and safe work, but also energy-saving and reasonable operation.

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Service, maintenance

Valóra vált az egyik rémálma? Összeomlott az élet a konyhában egy meghibásodás miatt és azonnali megoldásra van szüksége? Jelentse be most a problémát, az Anvalor szakképzett szerviz gárdája azonnal elkezdi az elhárítást. A garanciális karbantartáson túl hosszú-távú szervizpartnerként is számíthatnak ránk ügyfeleink.

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Under vacuum

Offer guests unforgettable gastronomic experiences and make healthy and perfectly juicy, mouth-watering snacks. Experience the tricks of Sous vide technology and experience the ultimate in quality and exceptional flavor of high quality nutrition.

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Enter your dream kitchen ...
Also, with your own eyes, make sure that we use kitchen solutions that maximize our customer satisfaction. Browse our portfolio and inspire it.

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Cooking technology at the forefront

The chef finds out, Anvalor designs and builds the kitchen of innovative businesses, creating a new value in the world of kitchen technology. It does not only offer stainless steel but is of the highest quality Stainless kitchen equipmentWhich, in addition to cost-effective operation, also protect the environment. Anvalor offers products that are not sold by other domestic vendors. In addition to designing optimal kitchens, pioneering a Kitchens service Where you have a specialist team to help you quickly and efficiently solve problems.

The selection is huge on the market, so after careful pre-filtering Anvalor has assembled the quality tools used in the field of kitchen technology, Kitchenette machinesAny product portfolios of any kind Industrial kitchen of equipment, Industrial dishwasherplease Industrial coolerOr just about Industrial vacuum computer. The Anvalor kitchen creates the ideal environment that a good chef needs to make everyday wonders, whether it's a dudes or a fine dining restaurant at the top of the kitchen.

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